Palioxis Part 2

Apparently news travels fast at Boeing. Once I arrived back at my station, the work crew was abuzz with excitement about VoloGen’s latest agenda. The rest of the day was filled with wild speculation about how VoloGen would find the right candidate. Many names of Boeing employees were thrown around as potential nominees. While most of the suggestions were jokes, I feel that Boeing could certainly produce a worthy astronaut. Still, many people here would just be eager to watch their fellow employees be launched into the farthest reaches of space. I can certainly think of a few… but that’s besides the point. Boeing is filled to the brim with people who would love nothing more than to conquer the skies. I think someone from this workforce would do well as the first person to travel to Mars. With the guidance and resourcefulness of VoloGen Industries and Astronautics, this expedition could very well become a reality. Only time will tell, I suppose. No one suggested my name, but maybe that’s for the best!